Camel rides in Gran Canaria: the ESSENTIAL guide!

camel ride
 Meet your camel for the first time

Riding a camel is a grueling activity done solely for a moment’s exhilaration. While you will, without a doubt, be uncomfortable at first, riding a camel is not a difficult skill to pick up. But there are really a lot of things that you may need to put into practice before to experience a thrilling and unforgettable camel ride in Gran Canria. Here’s the list:

What to wear?

Camels have an odd, side-to-side gait that causes a lot of friction if you aren’t prepared.  So what type of clothes are best for a camel ride, It depends on the season, but generally you want:

  • Light, comfortable cotton shirts or long-sleeves with loose fitting. Cuffs on pants and shirts.
  • Dependent on the weather your camel man should dress you with a turban for sun/sand protection. Wear sunscreen and take sunglasses.
  • Legs completely covered
  • Flip flops/open toe sandals/trainers/light closed toe footwear that won’t fall off.

How long to trek for?

If you’re planning a longer trek, take a break after say 1 1/2hrs, if you don’t this may lead to heavy pain in thigh muscles for the next few days. Also, limit the total amount of trekking each day to around 3hrs to avoid pain in your tailbone.

Who are you trekking with?

camel riding
Group Camel Trekking

Trekking alone or with only your fellow travelers for a company is what you experience the best or the worst during your camel ride. But If you’d prefer to make your excursion a bit special then make it clear to your camel trek provider when booking and let them know your expectations in advance.

Don’t forget the aspirin

While half an hour on a camel won’t do any lasting damage. But the contorted stance they force may cause some minor discomfort- especially to your hip joints or knees are weak or prone to injury resulting ride for more than 30 minutes. But it’s not unusual to have aches inside the thighs during the hike or at the end of the ride. A cream or a painkiller can be useful.

Are you sitting comfortably or will you fall off?

If you don’t feel comfortable, your camel could feel it and it could make it nervous. So be confident and show it to your animal by holding the reins; this will calm it. Properly sit, you will also avoid to fall.

Bring a camera but make sure it’s tethered

You’re on a camel so of course, you want pictures. Camels are tall creatures, and any fall will be a long one. So make sure you’ve got tied your camera properly to you while traveling on a camel’s back.

Right ! Now you’re ready to fully enjoy your camel trek and to admire Gran Canaria’s golden sand dunes!


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