Things not to be missed on Gran Canaria – The Canary Islands

The promise of sunshine, crystal waters, and endless sandy beaches sees flocks of tourists heading to the Canary Islands every summer. The Canary Islands are more than just a haven for sun worshippers with each island boasting its own distinct qualities, diverse landscape, and native wildlife. Never crowded, constantly sunny, with a smiling local always in reach, this island has a feel of mainland Spain about it and provides a welcome change for those who get bored with lounging by the pool.

canary island
beautiful canary island

If you consider yourself to be adventurous and like to pack lots of activity into your holidays, Gran Canaria is the ideal destination for you. Gran Canaria is an island of contrasts and is famed for many of its bars and nightclubs, it also offers a huge range of family-friendly excursions, the bustling and eclectic capital city of Las Palmas to make memories that you and your family will treasure for years to come.

Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria

Here’s Find all the things you can do on this beautiful little island.

Gran Canaria Boat Trips

Gran Canaria boasts incredible biodiversity, both above and below sea level, be amazed at the sight of dolphins and whales, or simply enjoy a boat tour in order to explore an impressive variety of marine life. More than an awesome journey through scenery, history, and legend — from Puerto Rico to Güigüi is your chance to explore it from a different perspective. Our mission is to provide you fun-filled boat excursion experience with a comfortable, affordable, fun day on the waterways.

Jeep Safari – jeep tour

Experience unique sensations, driving through fantastic landscapes in Gran Canaria. Discover with us an astonishing way to spend one day visiting Gran Canaria in an unforgettable safari!  Feed your hunger for adventure and be part of Gran Canaria’s adventurous and exciting Jeep tours with professional, friendly guides local to Gran Canaria at Gran Canaria Excursions . This tour is high energy with high levels of fun.

Dolphin trip

Dolphin sighting is a popular activity carried out with a great fun and enthusiasm. Not surprisingly, dolphins are often people’s favorite animal with their apparent sense of fun, intelligence and beauty. Dolphins are easier to find as they’re inquisitive and usually come to find you. While Dolphins are wild animals, we are so confident with our most professional crew, abilities and dedicated boat services that promise you to surely spot some wonderful dolphins at sea.

Get extreme with water sports

The waters that surround Canary Island is not only pristine and beautiful but is perfect for all your Gran Canarial favorite water sports. Getting wet or wild in Gran Canaria ‘s water wonderlands has never been so much fun. Whether you’re looking for fun or action in or out of the water, Canary Island offers a variety of watersport activities for both. BEST FOR: The Lot.  Snorkeling, Scuba diving, swimming, Banana Boat Riding, Fly Board, Jet Ski, family fun & all water sports.

Ride sand dunes on camelback

The perfect complement to any holiday is always RELAXATION, and the experience of riding along the golden sand dunes on a camel is just that. Experience the Ultimate Outback Adventure of the ships of the desert over the vast golden sand dunes of Gran Canaria. Come and Explore the dunes of Maspalomas and number of plant species, some of which are only found in the Canary Islands on an enjoyable 2-hour camel ride in Gran Canaria. An unforgettable time in Gran Canaria for sure!

From a rich history to unique landscapes and thrilling adventurous venues, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on the island of Gran Canaria!


Author: Gran Canaria Excursions

One of the best-recommended forms to plan your Gran Canaria Excursions will definitely be through Gran Canaria Excursions. We at Gran Canaria Excursions will take you to places that the average Gran Canarian or even visitors have never been able to see. Enjoy the assortment of Gran Canaria boat tours with us and experience the most enjoyable ways to explore the Gran Canaria.

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