Dolphin Watching in Gran Canaria- A Memorable Family Adventure

With the waters around Gran Canaria, get on to a cruise and Experience the thrill of watching dolphins in Gran Canaria in their natural habitat.Dolphin watching in Gran Canaria is a popular recreational activity among tourists of all ages. 

Gran Canaria ranks among the top five holiday destinations in the world and being so it never fails to delight the visitor. There are numerous ways to keep yourself occupied in the Gran Canaria but travelers look to just absorb some heat and enjoy the breathtaking ocean.

Dolphin watching Gran Canaria

With tons of activities to indulge in, one spectacular way to enjoy an afternoon in beautiful Gran Canaria is to set forth on a Dolphin Watching journey. The calm waters of Gran Canaria are home to a variety of these beautiful creatures and they are seen in abundance. Some of them leaping in the air, some of them swimming like the wind and some squabbling with each other, there are plenty of these wonderful animals waiting for your admiration, so make sure to make this excursion a must when you visit Gran Canaria.

To get the most out of your trip, there are some tips that you should know before packing for a dolphin watching in Gran Canaria:

  • Since it is usually colder out on the water, Carry useful layering items that include sweaters, sweatshirts to keep yourself warm during your trip.
  • No matter what the season or temperature, you should always apply sunscreen while whale-watching.
  • At the point when the sun hits the water, it makes an effective glare. You can protect your eyes and help yourself see better if you wear sunglasses.
  • It is quite often seen that people usually suffer from seasickness. In order to prevent it, you can carry various medicines to help you in fighting against motion sickness.

Dolphin watching

If you are planning to watch Dolphins on the islands of Gran Canaria, then Gran Canaria Excursions offers fantastic trip aboard the Supercat Dolphin Search – The Best DOLPHIN WATCHING in Gran Canaria! We guarantee a unique 2-hour experience for all the family! To know more about our Dolphin Watching service, visit


Author: Gran Canaria Excursions

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