5 Benefits of Dolphin Watching in Gran Canaria Excursions

Undoubtedly, Dolphin watching Gran Canaria is one of the most liked activities for the people who come on Gran Canaria Excursions. If you are also looking forward to visiting Gran Canaria and having the best moments of your life, then make sure that you book your trip through a genuine and a professional tour organizing company. If you do so, it will help you in availing the following benefits:


1.  You can have up to 24 Hour Think Back Time – it means that even if you have booked the Dolphin watching Gran Canaria trip and 24 hours before it leaves you make your mind that you do know what to go on it due to any reason, the company will give you the full refund.

2.  Full Refund – also, if you have any issue with the tour, you can let the company know about your experience and that they will, without any undue questions, give you the full refund.

3.  Free travel for Children – the children aged 0 to 1 year can accompany you on board, free of cost. And, for kids from 2 to 12 years, you are only supposed to pay the child fare, which is quite minimal.

4.  Spectacular Views Plus Drinks Included – In your Dolphin watching Gran Canaria trip, you do not only get the enjoy the most mesmerizing time of your life in the middle of the sea, but also get a chance to avail the added benefits such as free drinks. Imagine sitting of a deck with a glass of your favorite drink in it and having sea all around you, wouldn’t that be such a breathtaking moment?

5.  Free Excursion the Other Day – this service is provided in case you go on a dolphin watching trip and do not get to see any dolphins there – which can happened sometimes. So, in that case, don’t think that your money got wasted. Instead, the company gives you tickets to do the FREE excursion on some other day.

So, feeling tempted to be a part of Dolphin watching Gran Canaria excursions? Then delay no further and book your trips via Gran Canaria Excursions – need not to mention, they provide all the above-mentioned advantages to their each and every client.


Boat Tours in Gran Canaria for the Best Experience Ever!


Boat Tours
Boat Trip in Gran Canaria

Great little boat trip, definitely a must do in Gran Canaria! Everything about this cruise tour is great. From the very scenic journey of incredible views with a great breeze to the enjoyable and relaxed beautiful sea ride – all is such an amazing experience at a very reasonably priced. At Gran Canaria Excursions, we have an equally fantastic time for all adults and kids to make your trip extra special!. As first timers visiting Gran Canaria for Boat Tours, we put at ease all the way through for a peaceful private island experience or some of the best snorkeling on the globe packed with adventure accompanied by friendly, chatty and professional hosts. We look forward to meeting you at the dock soon. Contact @ grancanariaexcursions.eu or Call 605 23 03 58.